• MrWh1te
    Hi all

    New here, spend most of my time on the official forum.

    What is the final aim for this forum? How do you think you will achieve it?
    Do you think there are too many catagories?
    Is there a 'unread' folder?
  • Ollie
    Hi, there are three objectives to this forum: (Link to Competition is at bottom of page)

    What is the final aim for this forum?

    1) To provide an alternative Forum that’s run by traders. Check out Forum Features, what's not to like?

    2) To present information in such a way that any trader, whether new or regular, can browse the site and easily find what they are looking for, whether by links or direct info.

    See 6): At bottom of page.

    Do you think there are too many categories?

    3) Yes and no. Category-wise there are 7, but can be reduced to 1: Browse by Categories, or All discussions.
    a) Forum Features: A must read intro.
    1) General: Day to day chat.
    2) FAQ's: Usually repeat questions from new traders. (Can be user hidden)
    3) The Poll Box: Where Polls are kept. (Can be user hidden)
    4) Competition Archive: Where results are kept. (Can be user hidden)
    5) e) Miscellaneous: Bits and Pieces.

    Is there an unread folder?
    4) Yes and no. All read posts are grey. All unread are black. Users can hide categories they do not want to read. See Useful Site Hints and Tips 3). For example, if you are a long term holder, you can turn off daily match chat. Or turn off FAQ's.

    5) How do you think you will achieve it?

    With internet,Twitter presence, and free competitions which encourage visitors to sign up.

    If there was a scenario where the FI forum was closed for a while, and users came over here for a month, they would see more user benefit, and a structured layout that is visually simple to navigate around.

    Users can belong to both forums and cherry pick the best of both. If you and other visitors like the forum, please make the odd comment or post, be patient for a while, and it will start to take off.

    6) The eventual final aim: All the Info - In One Place - Easily Found.

    Competition link. Thank you for reading.
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